Shots Fired and Locked Doors

I don’t live directly in LaCrosse, and for that I’m grateful. There have been five shootings in the last week on the North side, where my sisters live. People are scared to leave their houses during the day, though the police say the general public has nothing to worry about. Scuttlebutt says it has to do with our local cocain ring. Dua for all involved….

I would go pray at the masjid, but there isn’t one here any longer. I don’t know why they closed their doors, but the Othman bin Affan Mosque is locked and boarded up, the windows broken. Nearby, in Winona, the Islamic Center was burned down last year. May Allah protect us.

Cars and Complications

Insha’Allah! Insha’Allah! Insha’Allah! I’ve had that basic mindset most of my life, but the words still feel foreign. Given that nothing really goes as I plan, it’s something I need to keep in mind.

We’ve been having difficuies with the three cars my mother owns. A couple weeks ago, the muffler in the oldest went. Not a big deal, she took it to her brother and he was going to fix it. They ordered in the parts and we were just waiting for everything to come in. She has two other cars, so it wouldn’t effect plans, just be a pain. So she started driving her backup. I was driving the third, with plans to buy it from her, because she’s an amazing person and loves me. So when a suitor came to meet me, I drove him back to Chicago. I like driving and it cut his travel time. But the rear passenger-side tire started making a grinding noise on the way back. The car drove well and the brakes seemed to work fine still, so I just had my uncle check it out. He said it needed to be looked at, but was okay to be driven for a bit. So mom brought it in to the shop and we were down to one vehicle. It wasn’t difficult to schedule things with my mom. On Wednesday, I went to visit my sister about half an hour away. The car died on the way! Just completely ran out of power, and I drifted it to a stop on the side of the road. My uncle had to come save me. Again. So mom went back with him and picked up the car with the bad muffler. But I wasn’t going to go get my son in Minnesota with a car that would get me pulled over and after waiting so long I ran out of time to visit my sister. So I had to arrange with my ex husband to postpone my visitation by a day- something I’m never happy with- but he was agreeable. The next day, we were able to pick up the car I was originally driving. All solved, right?

Nope. On the way to pick my son up on Thursday, the car started yelling at me about reducing power. I look and, sure enough, it’s overheated. I pulled over by Rochester. The traffic was so heavy that I didn’t feel very safe, though. I wound up crawling out the passenger side and nearly getting knocked over when I went to check my oil.  Oil was pretty low so I added a quart and a half and it checked out fine. It had been flashing that I needed an oil change soon as well, so I thought I solved the problem. Got back in through the passenger side, car started fine, started driving. It was overheating again by the next exit, so I just kept slow and made my way to a gas station. Overheating, and it took me way too long to think about checking the coolant… it was really low. So I bought some more oil to throw in the trunk and some pre-diluted coolant. Checked the colors before I added it. But then realized that my engine was HOT and it was a pressurized ressivoire. I let it cool for a few minutes, but was running so late on time that every minute felt like an age. So I wound up just wrapping my hand in one end of my scarf, covering my face with the other half, and praying as I slowly twisted the cap off. Subhan Allah!!! Just a little steam and no splatter! Filled the tank, took a quick trip around the block to make sure everything was running smoothly, called my ex to tell him I was going to be an hour late, and I was on my way again! Just very, very late.

May little man was relieved and excited to see me, though, so it was all worth it 🙂

I Exist!

Hello world indeed! I’m here! Isn’t that wonderful? Well, I think it is, but there seems to be some debate. Let me explain- I’m a Muslim, I’m white, I wear hijab, I live in Wisconsin, and my life is pure insanity. In spite of everything thrown at me I don’t just persist, I persevere. I know where I’m going, I just don’t know how I’ll get there yet….